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Galleon Mast Engineering Co. has successfully completed projecting, application, consultancy and material supply business in the field of construction, mechanical, electrical installation and building automation of facilities such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, bank branches, shopping stores and factory buildings e.t.c. both at home and abroad.

In the project department of our company facilities ar designed in accordance with internationally accepted standarts and implemented by the contracting department in a fine manner on a turn-key basis. From the point of corporate social responsibility, our company has been majoring on the green building and sustainability themes for involving high quality projects.


Our company renders services in the filed of consultancy, project, contracting and material supply for comfortable and industrial buildings in connection with the following points:

Project & design services,     
Supply of construction equipments  & materials,      
Finishing & structural works,     
On turn-key basis construction,   
Renovation works,     
Decoratioan work,     
Aluminum frames,    
Conveying systems. 

Heating, cooling, ventilation systems,
Fire protection systems,
Compressed air installations,
Sanitary installations,
Automatic control systems,
Absorbtion chiller systems,
Pool & irrigation systems,
Building automation systems,
Green building applications.
Middle Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems          
Medium Voltage switchgears.          
Low Voltage Energy Supply and Distribution Systems           
Generator and UPS systems,          
Earthing systems, lightning protection systems,          
Lighting systems,          
Internal and external installitions,          
Energy distribution panels.          
Low Voltage Distribution Systems          
Data and telephone systems,          
CCTV systems,           
Security alarm systems,           
Fire alarm systems,          
Public address and voice alarm system,          
Projection systems,          
Access control systems,          
Building automation systems,          
Scada systems.

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Material Supply.

System Design

Engineering systems design.

Urban Structures

Engineering, electrical, electronic and mechanical systems of buildings like Stadium, Mall, Airport.


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